Ironzilla – Welcome To Our Imagination



- LEFT, RIGHT key: move
- SPACE BAR: use weapon
- DOWN key: pick up crate (hold to drop weapon)
- UP key: Use a killcombo (when at 25,50, or 100)
- SHIFT: pause game

or WASD respectively (no need to set controls, you can play either way on the fly).

Fight off hordes of undead after your helicopter takes a turn for the worst while on a surveillance mission. Move around the enclosed area as you pick up crates. Game design: The heart of an arcade game, with modern mechanics and game design of action shooters. Game Theory: simplistic game play makes it massively accessible, but also has elements that can be utilized and mastered.

● 11 different weapon types all with balanced strengths and weaknesses
● 20 Achievements to unlock
● Unlock 5 different heads to equip
● KillCombo mechanic to call in Missile Strikes, Air Strikes, Attack Choppers
● Easy pick up and play controls
● Ranking / Experience system to unlock weapons (22 ranks)
● Save System
● Beautiful illustrations and art by Mike Puncekar (featured on Kotaku)
● High scores compatible
● Music composed by Mortal Symphony
● Professional voice acting by Apatheria
● Balanced gameplay difficulty adjusts to the player’s skill
● Full options menu
● Amazing sound design
● Handcrafted by IronZilla

- Watch the trailer (volume up, and 1080p HD!)

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  • Loimkeith

    Love this game! A lot of fun!

  • Yuki Kokami


  • Yuki Kokami


  • terrell luster

    epic game lol make a nuber 2

    • John

      It’s coming! 2013 :)

  • gabyykaa

    5,000 kills

  • what is dns server

    Why does it sometimes drop down the weapon immediately upon picking it up? (I’m sure it’s not because of accidentally pressing the down arrow). That sucks man! For the rest it’s a great game, but this bug(?) causes too much frustration.

  • peta dunia satelit

    Como faço download ? How download ? FOR LOCAL OFFLINE PLAY

  • peta dunia satelit

    lolz so mlg pro