Ironzilla – Welcome To Our Imagination



- LEFT, RIGHT key: move
- SPACE BAR: use weapon
- DOWN key: pick up crate (hold to drop weapon)
- UP key: Use a killcombo (when at 25,50, or 100)
- SHIFT: pause game

or WASD respectively (no need to set controls, you can play either way on the fly).

Fight off hordes of undead after your helicopter takes a turn for the worst while on a surveillance mission. Move around the enclosed area as you pick up crates. Game design: The heart of an arcade game, with modern mechanics and game design of action shooters. Game Theory: simplistic game play makes it massively accessible, but also has elements that can be utilized and mastered.

● 11 different weapon types all with balanced strengths and weaknesses
● 20 Achievements to unlock
● Unlock 5 different heads to equip
● KillCombo mechanic to call in Missile Strikes, Air Strikes, Attack Choppers
● Easy pick up and play controls
● Ranking / Experience system to unlock weapons (22 ranks)
● Save System
● Beautiful illustrations and art by Mike Puncekar (featured on Kotaku)
● High scores compatible
● Music composed by Mortal Symphony
● Professional voice acting by Apatheria
● Balanced gameplay difficulty adjusts to the player’s skill
● Full options menu
● Amazing sound design
● Handcrafted by IronZilla

- Watch the trailer (volume up, and 1080p HD!)