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Trend and Genre Research

Behind the development of flash games lies an even bigger business. It’s important to observe the current trends for the industry you are working in, especially before deciding what category your next game will reside in.

For example, type “flash games” into Google, and the suggestions algorithm auto-completes your search with “flash games zombies.”

Even simply typing zombie into Google will get you:

This is certainly a reflection of what’s currently being search by the majority.

Zombies are hotter than ever right now (as well as any doomsday type scenario game, not sure if it is in correlation with how the economy is going), and it’s best to take advantage of what most gamers are playing before the market becomes saturated and all the mechanics for that genre type has been used.

The reason being, is not only do you want to get the most exposure for your game, but it also helps expose your brand. Sponsors see this, and if you hit front page, get millions of plays, or win trophies and contests, they’ll definitely be paying attention. A solid brand only solidifies that future games you churn out will be fun to the players, and worth big bucks to the higher ups.¬† A good example of over saturation are Tower Defense games. They were addictive when they first came out, but from what I observe nowadays, most players tend to avoid games with the word Defense in them (myself included). However there are a few exceptions, Plants Vs. Zombies being one of them (but it also has zombies in it!).

I’ve always wanted to make a zombie survival game with mechanics that I personally find fun and fulfilling, and with Project Zombie Ops in the labs, the opportunity couldn’t have been more perfect. So for maximum exposure for your game and brand, research what gamers are currently playing / demanding, and capitalize on them!


~ John


Zombie Ops Weapons Showcase

The weapons that are currently in project Zombie Ops. The bottom right gun is called the MFG, and it doesn’t play around when it comes to killing zombies.

Zombie Ops Update #2

General Info

Came across this really cool format / weekly posting from Ralph at and thought I should start posting updates in the same style! So here is official update #1 under the Game Updates category. So far most of the project has been done at a very fast paced, except for when play testing / balancing / polishing is done, which I’m very meticulous about. Mike has shown a promising first sketch, and I’m excited as to what he dishes out for the menu screen. Total development time is ~35 hours in.


  • All weapons are finished.
  • Parallax background and screen movement finished
  • Main hero functional
  • Score counter functional
  • Main zombie template finished.
  • Blood particle effects implemented, and randomized from 1 of 3 graphics.
  • Kill particle effects finished.
  • Kill Streak (combo counter) function implemented and running.
  • HUD is functional and ready for connection to the ammo count, health, kill streak, etc.

To Do

  • Make Kill Streak perks fully functional. Chopper Gun, Dog of War, Airstrikes, etc.
  • Finish power up crates, randomization, and unlockable weapons
  • Finish level 2 ammo counts for weapons
  • Balance / Playtesting / Polish ;)


Green zombies are placeholders for the next enemy type, soon to be inserted.

That’s all for now. Looking to get this shipped as soon as possible, a mock up is already prepared for the next project. One after the other, looking for that big break! Also going to be looking for a voice actor soon, possibly on newgrounds since there’s a bunch of talent there.

That’s all for now!

~ John

Dashkin on KickStarter

I just recently pledged some $ for Adam Phillip’s Dashkin game on Kickstarter. Looks like their sponsorship deal fell through, so they’ll need all the help they can get. From the video, you can already see the game is gorgeous. I’ve been a big fan of his work, so I’m really looking forward to the launch of this game.

Click here to fund some money for the Dashkin project!

~ John

New Addition To Team Zombie Ops

New Addition To Team Zombie Ops

I was browsing Kotaku the other day, and came upon a bunch of really awesome Mario¬† illustrations. Turns out the genius behind these pieces of art was Mike Puncekar. At the same time I knew I had to get in touch and get a collab going! So now, the very talented Mike is on board Team Zombie Ops, and all of you are in for a treat when the game comes out. Here’s some of the artwork from his Mario series:

Check out more artwork at his blog: M. Puncekar Illustrations

Zombie Ops Update #1

Zombie Ops Update #1

One of the coolest features in the game yet – dual wielding. It’s as bad ass as it looks.

Some Updates!

- Polish: Bushes have been added as part of the background scenery, but I plan to make it even more dynamic. So far there is a parallax effect when scrolling back and forth, a subtle yet cool effect. There’s also a filter image, so the background looks somewhat like a painting. All subtle changes gamers might miss, but to me polish in a Flash game makes all the difference.

- FX: There is now more blood and gore, so killing a zombie is definitely more satisfying. Nothing more rewarding than seeing a ton of zombies’ heads exploding.

- Game Balancing: The basic skeleton of the game is near complete, and a lot of testing is still going on to make sure that zombies, weapons, speed, etc are all balanced.

- Beta Testing: Once the core of the game is finished, I plan to open a privated and limited beta testing session with high ranked users on Kongregate and Newgrounds, as well as our fans on facebook (they’ll have first priority of course). Check back so you don’t miss out on that!

- Bugs..Gross: Last but not least, I’ve ran into my first bug during development! For some reason, a few zombies don’t die but instead just stand there after being killed. Hope to exterminate this real soon.

- Before I go: I wouldn’t leave you on a bad note, so peep some more screens.

Riot Shield Weapon

That’s right, it’s a riot shield ;)

~ John


Zombie Ops Screenshots

Zombie Ops Screenshots

The Mini Gun in all its glory.

Testing the virtual cam with a doodle background

Here’s a few screens of our SWAT team hero in action. Right now there’s about 10 different weapons I’m looking to add in – 5 base weapons and 5 unlockable ones.

The name “Zombie Ops” is also a working title, feel free to suggest a name, and if we’re inspired by it (or use it) your name will be in the credits.

- Development time thus far is: 19 hours

~ John

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