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Zombocalypse Special Extras

Zombocalypse Special Extras

UPDATED 9 / 19 / 2011

9/ 19: To celebrate hitting 1,000 Facebook fan page likes, getting a review on JayIsGames, and getting the Daily Feature award and front page feature on NewGrounds, some new cheat codes have been released!

9 / 11: The latest version has been updated on ArmorGames. To play the latest version, you’ll have to erase the cookies / cache then refresh your browser. Sorry everyone, this will delete your saved game. Use the cheats below to recoup your experience even faster.

Secret Cheat Codes

Most of you have found this secret section, kudos to you! If not, then keep looking, it’s really in plain sight. Type in the cheat codes all in lowercase, and click activate to use them.

valkyrie – Kill Combo sets to 100, giving you the Attack Chopper (Once per round)
GodHand equipped (Once per round)
doom –
MFG equipped (Once per round)
– Minigun equipped (Once per round)
adrenaline – Fully heal your health (Once per round)
super saiyan – +3000 exp points (Once per game)
i am legend – Start the round at 3,000 kills (once per round, no experience gain)

ijohnf – Equip John’s head (restart the round to equip)
wtf –
Equip The All Seeing Eye (restart the round to equip)
zombified –
Equip Zombie Walker head (restart the round to equip)
team meat –
Equip Super Meat Boy head (restart the round to equip)

There are still more cheat codes and head unlocks to come in updates to this post!

HD Wallpapers

These are illustrations handcrafted and made available by the very talented Mike Puncekar. You may have seen him on Kotaku featured for his infamous realistic Super Mario series.

Menu Art: 1780×1024

Game Introduction Art: 1790 x 1024

Come back soon for more extras!

- John

Zombocalypse Official Launch Date

Zombocalypse Official Launch Date

The official launch date is now September 9th, 2011 and is being exclusively published by ArmorGames for its first two weeks in the wild. Apologies for the delays, I know there was one or two of you who were really excited about Zombocalypse’s release. *sarcasm*…(I hope.)

The next few updates will be very important, as we’ll be releasing a teaser image of our next project, and some cheat codes for Zombocalypse. Yeahhh, cheat codes. You love us.

Anyways, check it out tomorrow, and thank you in advance for rating it a 10/10.

> John

FGL Scores

Zombocalypse is getting a ton of attention from both developers and sponsors on FlashGameLicense, but I’m confident that ArmorGames will be able to push the IronZilla brand over the top. Over a 100 developers and sponsors have tried it out. Here’s the final scores by the FGL editors. I’d say they’re really good for such a small arcade game.

FGL Review Information:

Intuitiveness: 8 Great
Fun: 8 Great
Graphics: 8 Great
Sound: 8 Great
Quality: 9 Amazing!
Overall: 8 Great

Coming Soon, Zombocalypse

Coming Soon, Zombocalypse

Zombocalypse is on it’s way to the players. The release date is slated for September 7th with ArmorGames.

UPDATE 9/7/11:

Sorry but there’s been some delays! There is a chance I may push back the release date to ensure that Zombocalypse launches completely finished and of the utmost quality.

> John

Omega Box in the Summer Showdown

What a surprise today — Omega Box is featured on the front page of for their Summer Games Showdown contest. Check it out!

This Is My Morning Coffee

*sip ahhhhh*

Zombocalypse just got approved by FlashGameLicense, so it should be going into public bidding mode soon. The game has already managed to grasp 60 developers to test it out, some playing for an hour at a time. So I think I’m on to something if other developers enjoy the game (we see how the sausage is made, so we don’t really like to eat it — wrap your mind around that analogy). Still in talks with some sponsors via e-mail — it’s a grueling process, with all the pressure and negotiating. Stuff like that preps you for the survival of the fittest business world.

But, I’m only getting older, so work has already begun on the next project. I scraped up a prototype in 30 minutes — working with particle effects and honing my skills at depth swapping techniques. Let’s just say it’ll be pretty epic. For me, sponsorships are getting your feet wet. It’s not a practical long term business model, however, it is viable enough to take further steps down the road (Fancy Pants, Castle Crashers, Line Rider, etc) . There is great benefit to it, but I’ll save that for another post.

The goal of all these flash games is to hopefully fund a full on premium game. Then those premium games will fund a publishing company. Then as a publishing company we can buy other game studios. Then we can move on to other things besides games. Then we’ll rule the world like EA, Valve, and Activision. But really, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s just take things one step at a time.

*sip ahhhhh*

> John

The Wait

Phew, it’s been a long journey since I started “Project Zombie Ops.” Zombocalypse is currently going through the licensing process, and as soon as we find a sponsor we’ll drop a release date. For now, we wait.

Once again I’d like to thank all the beta testers in Round 1 and 2. I read all your feedback and implemented as much as I could. When Zombocalypse hits the interwebs, I’ll be announcing our next project ;)

Stay tuned!

> John

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