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Testing the Rocket Power

The crazy color palette couldn’t been seen from a screencast so I decided to record it on my iPhone instead.

Testing out the Rocket Power Up. Most of the things are placeholders, but the game is coming along great!



Cheers to a great 2011! It was an awesome year, with a lot of unexpected success and new milestones. So let’s get started.

Enter the Omega Box

My first game of 2011, Omega Box, surprisingly was a huge hit. I intended it to be a small project just to flex some brain and muscle, but it ended up racking 1,000,000 plays. It was also featured on Kotaku, JayIsGames, IndieGamesChannel, and for the first time I got on the front page of Kongregate and NewGrounds, a great achievement for any flash game developer. Much thanks to AddictingGames for licensing and publishing.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombocalypse — The best project I’ve yet to work on! I loved working on the new mechanics, and doing all the sound design — I’m very meticulous not only about small details but that the sound is good enough to immerse the player in the world I’ve created. I worked with the very talented Apatheria who did the infamous voice acting for when you pick up weapons, and Mike Puncekar who just blew everyone away with his artwork, and much thanks to Dan for publishing and licensing Zombocalypse into the ArmorGames pantheon.

This game was the pinnacle of IronZilla’s brand, racking up over 3 million+ plays, being featured as the daily and weekly game for NewGrounds (and winning various trophies) and reviewed by JayisGames, hitting frontpage on Kongregate, bringing in over 5,000 likes to IronZilla’s Facebook page, and spreading like wildfire everywhere else. It’s hard to fathom that I created a game that received this amount of love.


One of the most difficult things I’ve ever done has to be pledging and crossing into a professional business fraternity, AKPsi. It’s more of an organization than a fraternity, as people confuse fraternities with hazing, parties, alcohol, etc. All of that is illegal, since it compromises being professional and composed.

I had to keep a professional demeanor at all times, prepare and partake in interviews under a high pressure environment, give speeches and presentations, and manage and interact with groups of people to set up events. This definitely polished my business game, and allowed me to grow in confidence with my leadership abilities. To me, it’s important to be a good developer, but you’ll also need to be business savvy.

A great amount of sacrifice, determination, commitment, lack of sleep, and energy drinks pretty much sums it up! (Big thanks to my brother from another mother Steven Dizon for really urging me to go through with the pledging process)

And Some Goals…

I have a bunch of personal goals, but here’s some I’d like to achieve for IronZilla:

- Make 3-4 games this year, and 1 big sellable game
- Make a connection with the 5,200+ fans on our Facebook page. I’d like to get to know you guys more as John, and not just as some developer who makes these crazy games!
- Keep frequently posting on, at least 1-2 times a week
- Grow IronZilla’s fan base, and expand the brand
- Set up more collaborations with talented people
- Attend The Flash Game Summit, and if by some kind of divine miracle, attend GDC.

And a BFTY!

Thank you all for supporting me and IronZilla (obviously since you’re reading this post), as well as the 5,200 fans on our Facebook page. It’s been a pleasure, let’s make 2012 awesome!

- John


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Thanks Steve

Thanks Steve

The first computer that I played around with was my dad’s Apple. I was very young, and I didn’t even know there was such differences between a Windows PC or a Mac (called a Macintosh back in the day). All I knew was that it was a box that could bring my creativity to life. It was revolutionary, and that was all that mattered to me.

Yesterday I was on campus at San Francisco State University from 8:30am until 10:30pm. The sad thing is, that’s how most days are for me – with some days far worse. I’m a full time college student, I work for myself and run my own business, and I’m pledging for a professional business fraternity which in itself takes up an extraordinary amount of time, but an investment worth having if it means I’m to become a more polished and better leader.

Simply put, my life is not easy. Nor do I choose for it to be easy. In fact, I believe to reach our full potential, we have to push ourselves past our limits, past our comfort zone. Only then, can we see what we are capable of, and only then can we see how much further we can go.

This is what Steve Jobs did. I read a biography of his life, titled iCon, back in high school. I’ve been a die hard fan ever since. He and Woz were relentless in the pursuit of their dreams. They’d work late into the night — wake up, code, eat, knock out, repeat. Sleep wasn’t an option. Failure didn’t exist. And obstacles were ran over. This kind of work ethic, this kind of passion, truly inspired me, and put my own driveĀ  in perspective. Whenever I thought my life was hard, I’d think how easy it was compared to Steve Jobs. By now you all know who the man is, what he has accomplished, and why his life is so monumental.

Thanks Steve for being an inspiration to not only me, but for countless others. Your story was an extraordinary one, and you proved that from one vision, an empire can be fostered and the world could be changed.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.




- John

Zombocalypse Game Box

Zombocalypse box art!

Download your template here for Flash CS4:

Hopefully this is something that can be used as a standard and professionally by the Flash dev community. Of course the ESRB rating is a placeholder for our own type of ratings (it’s most likely illegal to use it) but hopefully we can also set up a rating system, in support of FGL. I know NewGrounds has a rating system (teen, mature, everyone, etc) that should be able to be used on the box.


The Definitive Sequel

Super Ski Runner
The Definitive Sequel

It’s been a long time coming since the original, and I believe Ski Runner will receive it’s just due. With talented heavy hitters on board this project, it will be one for the ages. Expect the same addictive gameplay that took the internet by storm in the original. Come back soon for more info on it’s progress and development!

> John

News From The IronZilla Labs

So Zombocalypse has been doing it’s rounds on the internet, and it isn’t even close to reaching it’s full potential. There’s plenty of major portals it still hasn’t landed on — Newgrounds, Kongregate, AddictingGames to name a few. So now that I’m basking in quasi-success, it’s time to hit vacation mode and put my feet up…

*puts feet up on desk*

*puts feet back down*

What an awesome vacation, time to get back to work. The next project in development is pretty epic. Not epic as in “OMG 100+ hours of play, millions of weapons, punch enemies in the face and they die -”, but epic as in “This is what all you IronZilla fans have been waiting for.” And apologies for not remaking and perfecting it until now. Major hint right there.

I’ll be working with renown flash animator / artist Jimp on this project, with hit games under his belt like Sushi Cat, Elephant Quest, Zomgies 1 + 2, The Lance, and more. I saw his artwork, and I automatically knew his style was the one! (Glad to have you on board Jimp!).
[Elephant Quest developed by Jmtb02 and Jimp, produced by ArmorGames]

A Zombo Postmortem is due in the near future, explaining what went right, what went wrong, and the development of it all, from conception to product. The project team was extremely talented, and I’ll give Mike and Apatheria a round of applause in advance – great work guys! I’d love to postĀ  it asap, but I’ll have to test my patience so I can get the statistics right when Zombo has gone 100% viral.

I’ll also be working on another project, with the latter involving destroying cities from space. Doesn’t that sound fun?

That’s all ladies and gents! Now, don’t hate me for disclosing absolutely nothing about our next few projects save for a few tid bits here and there. Come back soon for enlightement :]

> John

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