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The Ironzilla Monthly: August 2012

The Ironzilla Monthly: August 2012

After an anxious month of waiting, I got the email — we didn’t land a publishing deal with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for Super Ski Runner. Nor Armor Games. Nor MTV Network’s AddictingGames. Our deal to do an online web show and develop a game with IGN didn’t fall through for various reasons. After several months of preparation, and then 31 straight days of fighting an uphill battle, our crowd funding campaign for an iOS version of Zombocalypse fell short of it’s funding goal.

Going into this, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I had my list of 2012 goals, and only one desire — to make it all happen. From this vision transpired a chain of events I didn’t even think I was capable of setting in motion. With some help and a lot of luck, I was getting intros, meeting the right people, taking up various projects, recruiting solid team members, and even gaining the support of big players in the game industry. It was to the point where I had to pinch myself just to make sure it was all real. Read more »

We’re in the Daily Republic Sunday Newspaper!

Hello friends of Ironzilla! Woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise — we were in the Sunday newspaper of the Daily Republic! They’re a newspaper from my local county and were kind enough to feature our Kickstarter on the front page of the Business section with a full story spread.

Super Ski Runner Set to Launch On 4/20 as a “Pay What You Want” Game

As seen on:

Gamasutra, DIYGamer, IndieGameMag, Develop

San Francisco, CA, (April 12th 2012) - Partiers unite, Ironzilla announces that Super Ski Runner will release as a “Pay What You Want” game for PC and Mac to fulfill your shuffling and raving needs. Super Ski Runner is a simple euphoric experience — at it’s core you collect pills to stay alive, and avoid the dancing trees and rocks. Dancing trees and rocks? Don’t forget there’s also blaring colorful lights and trance-like music. And then there’s the speed — the game becomes more challenging the longer you last. Think of it as Ski Free meets Bit.Trip Runner.

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Google Quest

Google Maps is now…Google Quest?? Those guys really displayed an awesome sense of creativity to pull this off.

I found myself enjoying this April Fools joke and scrolling and zooming the map to see if I could find any hidden land marks. The pixel graphics are charming and it just feels like you’re in an RPG world. Make sure to check it out while it’s still up!

Here’s a whole world view:

And here’s San Francisco!

Ironzilla March Recap

Ironzilla March Recap

There’s really no such thing as The Monthly Recap on here, but since I haven’t posted in a while…welcome to the Ironzilla March Recap Special Edition! This is a really long post, so click Read More below to see what I’ve been up to!

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Happy Birthday To Me


So I’m the big Two One now, as of February 22nd!

We’re supposed to not remember our 21st birthday. But no thanks, I live for the moments I can’t forget! First few things I did:

Had a nice dinner with awesome people, and attended a networking event in San Francisco at the Grand Night Club (GAME) with over 720+ attendees ranging from entrepreneurs, game developers, venture capitalists, angel investors, CEO’s, — you name it you got it. It was such a thrilling experience networking and chopping it up with so many brilliant people, and doing it with my close knit crew was an adventure in itself.

I even met the creator of Kongregate, Jim Greer. Jim freakin Greer. I’ve seen Kongregate grow from a new website, from beta, to a thriving community of developers. It’s where I first got my feet wet in the world of game development. I was so star struck I forgot to take a picture with him (insert sad face).

I met up with whom I call my mentor Aaron, and he even got a round of drinks for my crew and I as a birthday gift. Not to mention how much of a super connector he is, he introduced me to a bunch of his friends in the industry. A very genuine guy.


This is a very special day for me. Thank you all who have been a part of it, and thank you for supporting Ironzilla! Anyways, I know how exciting the future is but I should really get some sleep now.

- John

Super Ski Runner Update

Coming Soon
Super Ski Runner Update

Super Ski Runner is alive and well!

Sorry for being so stealthy lately and not posting updates on the game, but I’ve been extremely busy (and I thought I couldn’t get any busier). I’m putting the final touches on the game, and I hope to have it to you ladies and gents by the end of the month while it’s still winter.

Enjoy the screenshots, with graphics / animation done by Jimp, and professional art done by Mike Puncekar. They’re very talented and passionate about the work they do.

On another note, 2012 is looking to be an amazing year, even if all the amazingness is the cause of all my busyness. I’ve met some great people, am starting to get to know the SF game community more, and I’m dabbling in iOS development — currently with the Corona SDK for a huge project. I’m hoping to attend more networking events, and meet more like-minded individuals — maybe even be able to form a team this year!

Check back in a bit!

- John

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