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Zombocalypse 2 Update: The Catch Up

Zombocalypse 2 Update: The Catch Up

It’s been a while since I updated! So for those of you in the dark, Ironzilla has been furiously working away at Zombocalypse 2 since January. It’s being homegrown in the labs as we speak. In fact we’re already at Beta! Meaning most of it is functional, but a lot still needs to be polished.

I’ve been very fortunate to work with such a talented team. They work insanely fast and at times I find myself unable to keep up! So quick intro to our roles:

Meet The Zombocalypse 2 Team

You’ll also find this in the About section but whoever looks at that

John Funtanilla – Game Producer, Project Manager
Founder of Ironzilla, creator of Zombocalypse, visionary, notorious workaholic, and gatherer of talented people. Handles the business side of things as well as the design and direction of the project.

Chevy Ray JohnstonLead Programmer
Veteran programmer and creator of the FlashPunk Engine (and soon to come ‘Flash Punk 2′), the Flash Game Dojo, and GameStorm. Specializes in Flash, Unity, and coding faster than light.

J-PLead Artist, Animator
From award winning indie game studio, Juicy Beast, the creators of games like Burrito Bison Revenge Knightmare Tower and other hit titles. He’s here to make Zombocalypse 2 sexy as hell.

Yowan LanglaisUI Artist
Also part of Juicy Beast Studio as the General Manager, psychopath UI Designer, and Artistic Director, with a strong background in Graphic Design. He’s here to ensure Zombocalypse 2′s UI is smoother than ice.

Jimmy Hinson – Composer
Also known to many as Big Giant Circles, Jimmy is a BAFTA-nominated music composer. He has co-composed the scores for Black Ops 2 (nominated best original score at the 2012 Spike VGAs) and Mass Effect 2. Nuff said.

And we just recently got a new illustrator, Michael Kessler! Check his stuff out here:

Character Art

Juicy Beast has been doing a stellar job of really bringing the vision for Zombocalypse 2 to life. Here’s a transformation of their work from concept to final art.

Code Galore

Chevy, our programmer who does the impossible daily. Really though, he’s been cooking up a storm and the result is an incredibly smooth game. As a game designer, Chevy makes my life so much easier. To tweak and balance the game for each build, Chevy has setup XML sheets that can be edited. This means I can change how much damage a gun does, how far it can shoot, how zombies precisely spawn on each level, and  much more. Not only is this user intuitive for a designer, it makes balancing and changing variables in the game a cake walk. Below is the game in console view, how many entities exist in the world, FPS, memory used, and an input area to control anything in the gameplay. Beasty programmer fo sho.

BAFTA Worthy Music

Our soundtrack is being handled by BAFTA nominated composer Jimmy Hinson, who was also involved in the Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect soundtrack. Listen why for yourself, the Zombocalypse Main Menu Music is below!


I’ll be posting more work from our illustrator MDK as we get them!

Oh yeah!

I’m 22 now! My birthday was on February 22nd. Below is me getting my birthday on. This is my first project being in the game designer and producer role of a major project and the learning process has been rigorous but very rewarding. Thanks for checking in and I hope you’re as excited for this project as I am. Stay tuned for more goodies and updates on Zombocalypse 2!






Good Game Design is Good Game Design

5 Things I learned from 2012

5 Things I learned from 2012

“Is it the one?” my brother said. “I don’t see it anywhere,” I quickly retorted. I flipped through the pages hurriedly. I was excited and nervous at the same time. “Still nothing,” my brother said as he scanned the pages, “You?” I nodded my head in disappointment and tossed the paper aside. “Nope, not the one. Let’s try again tomorrow.” Read more »

4th Quarter Through My iPhone

4th Quarter Through My iPhone

Pictures from my iPhone. Social media is amazing. You can share a moment in your life instantaneously with the world. You can see through someone else’s perspective without having to step into their shoes. Images speak for themselves, especially in a medium where your presence isn’t easily defined. It’s something I’m fond of. Like the picture above, a fellow game dev invited me to be a guest judge for his competition. You can also say that it’s me looking dumbfounded by two other judges whose experiences dwarf mine. But most of all, it shows Ironzilla is more than just the games we put out. Drake posts pics about his celebrity lifestyle all the time on his blog. It shows he is much more than just an artist. For someone always on the go, it’s a lot faster to do to keep our followers updated. Since you’re here and not on Drake’s blog, his life is obviously not as interesting. Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends! We’re grateful for our fans, supporters, and those who have stuck with us along the way. We have some amazing things brewing in the lab right now, so stay tuned!

Shaking Hands With Great Men

Back in September I had the privilege to shake the hands of some very influential men thanks to the Dreamforce conference! It was an incredible experience, and all the speakers were all very humble and open to actually mingling with the crowd.

Rolled out to Dreamforce with the dapper Alpha Kappa Psi networking crew!

I shook the hand of Sir Richard Branson aka rockstar billionaire and entrepreneur. His talk focused on entrepreneurship and how his persistence got him to where he is today. He’s at the helm of a multi-industry super company, Virgin. Overall a very crazy guy.

Then there’s Colin Powell, the original political bad ass. Firm handshake. Nuff said.

And lastly there’s Tony Robbins. I’ve been reading his books and watching his talks since high school. To say he’s influenced millions of individuals just doesn’t do him justice. Even Bill Clinton called this man the day before he resigned. Tony’s seminar was life changing. An experience completely out of this world.

Zombocalypse on the Frontpage of AddictingGames

Zombocalypse on the Frontpage of AddictingGames

Zombocalypse has been picked up by AddictingGames! Special thanks to the AG folks for licensing the game and featuring it on the frontpage. It’s doing amazingly well, getting nearly 100K plays in one day alone (hopefully it’ll reach 1 million by the end of the week!) and standing at a current 92% thumbs up rating. Not to mention it’s getting Ironzilla a ton of exposure. For those who’ve never played the game before, make sure to check out the special extras section.

Zombocalypse itself is coming up on its one year birthday and it’s crazy to think a game I released so long ago is still chugging along and getting a ton of love. Makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Check back soon for updates on our latest projects!

- John


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