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About Ironzilla

Welcome to Ironzilla’s crib! Have a seat. Let me tell you a little bit about us.

Ironzilla is an indie game studio based in San Francisco, making games that are eccentric, imaginative, and addicting. We focus on building games around “fun”, making them simple enough that everyone can play . The core team of Ironzilla consists of 1 guy that wears many hats — he started with just a pencil and paper and a passion for gaming. The rest of Ironzilla consists of talented project teams assembled according to the needs of the game, coming by way of companies like Zynga, EA, Activision, and more. The game is like our baby, and we treat it as such.

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and don’t mind us, we’re just making games!

Current Project

We are currently designing a F2P game for Adult Swim in collaboration with Playviews.


John Funtanilla – Producer, Project Manager
Founder of Ironzilla, creator of Zombocalypse, notorious workaholic, and gatherer of talented people. Handles the business side of things, designs games, previously developed them.

Zombocalypse 2 Team (Web Game)

Chevy Ray JohnstonLead Programmer
Veteran programmer and creator of the FlashPunk Engine (and soon to come ‘Flash Punk 2′), the Flash Game Dojo, and GameStorm. Specializes in Flash, Unity, and coding faster than light.

J-PLead Artist, Animator
From award winning indie game studio, Juicy Beast, the creators of games like Burrito Bison Revenge Knightmare Tower and other hit titles. He’s here to make Zombocalypse 2 sexy as hell.

Yowan LanglaisUI Artist
Also part of Juicy Beast Studio as the General Manager, psychopath UI Designer, and Artistic Director, with a strong background in Graphic Design. He’s here to ensure Zombocalypse 2′s UI is smoother than ice.

Jimmy Hinson – Composer
Also known to many as Big Giant Circles, Jimmy is a BAFTA-nominated music composer. He has co-composed the scores for Black Ops 2 (nominated best original score at the 2012 Spike VGAs) and Mass Effect 2. Nuff said.

Michael Kessler – Illustrator
An artist of many mediums who has done work on games like Need For Speed, Transformers, Borderlands, and more . Michael aka MDK is working on creating beautiful cut scenes for Zombocalypse 2. Check out his portfolio, it’s no joke.

Apatheria – Voice Actor
An aspiring voice actor, Apatheria has made a name for himself, especially helming the voice acting for the original Zombocalypse with a voice that defined the game. Check out his portfolio and give him a ring if you need a voice actor!

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  • Anonymous

    Can we have more games

    • John Funtanilla

      Unfortunately 2.0 is evolving to be our main hub to socialize with the players. On the upside, there will be more games on the site made by IronZilla!

  • Keith

    I like the work you’ve done dude. Same age as me and already accomplished so much haha, good work.

    • John Funtanilla

      Haha thanks Keith I really appreciate that!  I’ve seen some of your work and looks like you’re well on your way too.

      And I’m a Comp Sci major too, nice!

      • Keith

        Haha, very nice!

        Well keep it up, I really enjoyed Zombocalypse!

  • Asad


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