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Super Ski Runner Game

What Is Super Ski Runner?

Super Ski Runner is an epic euphoric experience. Collect pills to stay alive as you dodge dancing trees and rocks, all to the beat of awesome music!

Buy Super Ski Runner for $1 or more to get the Gold Edition package!

Support us with $1 or more and you’ll receive the Gold Edition package with bonus content: 5 special characters, higher quality graphics, 4 secret endings, 4 extra music tracks, digital soundtrack album, Full Screen mode, Rager mode (For those who just like the crazy visuals and running trees over), an exclusive Art Asset pack (Concept Art, Box Art, Developer Diary), 2 HD Desktop wallpapers, your name forever on the Super Ski Runner page as a Gold Supporter, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside for supporting an indie developer :)


  • Koika

    Where download music on this game ?

    • John Funtanilla

       You’ll be able to get it in the Gold Edition, which has the Super Ski Runner digital album as well as additional soundtracks

      • Koika

        how ?