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Producer Documentation Samples

Hello! This is a private page to showcase some of my documentation as a producer, designer, and budding product manager. They are everything from spec sheets, GDDs, asset lists, bug sheets, and more. More samples provided on request! Zombocalypse 2 Pitch Deck – Used to raise funds for project GDD V 1.0.0 (46 pgs) Pre-Production […]

Hanging Out With Sloths

I can’t help it. Sloths are cool. Anyone that disagrees can keep walking. Game in progress and Zombocalypse mobile below:

It’s 2014

It’s 2014

2013 was a great year! Adult Swim decided to publish our games. We made a big game called Zombocalypse 2. We worked with talented people. Very talented people. A lot of learning happened. A lot of growth happened. A lot of goals changed. This year will be even better. We’re working with an incredible production […]

Good Rules Make for Good Fun

Right now, most of you are playing a game. The game is that you have to make enough money to survive and be happy. The rules: limited resources, limited time, and limited energy. And you can’t choose what attributes you start the game with. You get X amount of points in strength, charisma, intelligence, and […]

Zombocalypse 2 Launch: All Gold Everything

Zombocalypse 2 Launch: All Gold Everything

Play Zombocalypse 2 On Adult Swim Games! That was one hell of a hiatus. But great news, Zombocalypse 2 for Flash is finished. It’s gold, it’s final, and you can play it right now! Just like our boy Trinidad James says: “Gold all in our game. Gold all in our code. Gold all in our […]

Zombocalypse 2 Update #2: On The Road to Gold

We’ve come a long way since we started Zombocalypse 2 for Flash 4 months ago. Our programmer Chevy has done a phenomenal job of making everything come to life, while Yowan and JP have made sure the UI and Art is full of personality and is as sexy as ever. It’s difficult to fill you […]

Zombocalypse 2 Update: The Catch Up

Zombocalypse 2 Update: The Catch Up

It’s been a while since I updated! So for those of you in the dark, Ironzilla has been furiously working away at Zombocalypse 2 since January. It’s being homegrown in the labs as we speak. In fact we’re already at Beta! Meaning most of it is functional, but a lot still needs to be polished. […]

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