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Ludum Dare 29: God Hunter

The past 48 hours were spent coding and designing for the worldwide Ludum Dare game jam!

This was my first official Ludum Dare, and it was awesome to be able to do it with my good friend / honorary roommate Nicu Listana. We developed our games simultaneously side by side at our battlestations, consuming an endless supply of Hot Cheetos, Nachos, Seniores Pizza, and Diet Squirt. I believe my shiny white laptop has a good layer of red flakes all over it from the festivities / Hot Cheetos. Ah, memories. battlestations-ld48

The Ludum Dare theme this year was Beneath The Surface, which I didn’t really like too much because the first thing that came to mind was “Dungeon Crawler”, which of course was the first thing to come to every other game developer’s mind…and of course I had to try my hand and see if I could make a dungeon crawler in a constrained time period with constrained resources (and possibly constrained skills).

I helped out with the graphics for Nicu’s game, and while he integrated them into Unity I worked on my own game, God Hunter in Flash.


The game I made was one I’ve been wanting to make for a while: God Hunter – a minimalistic dungeon crawler, in which you are a God Hunter who is going into the deepest darkest dungeon to claim glory in felling the great Mountain God. Using my constrained skills, *ahem* I was able to dish out a very minimal rogue type RPG game over the weekend. We coded, designed, made art, and even managed to squeeze in attending a party in between. Now that takes some serious skill.


The menu screen art is really different from the gameplay art, and I veered a little off course because the vision I had for the game was also changing. Kinda tough to redo things when you’re moving forward at an incredibly fast pace.

I wanted to take the essence of roge-like games, and really wither them down to their most basic elements. So room clearing here is essentially the same, just without all the fluff.

Also RPG fans, you’ll recognize the SFX immediately. Hungary And if you find all the story events and enemies weird, then good, as my brain was throwing them up on the computer screen via stream of consciousness.

WARNING: There is plenty of twerking in God Hunter. You have been warned.

I can see how  God Hunter would be a perfect rogue-like game for mobile and the every day casual player, even those unfamiliar with RPG or rogue games. It’s literally tap and play.

Some features that would really make God Hunter complete:

- Inventory System and cool weapons / armor
- Even more crazy stories / characters / enemies
- Procedurally generated dungeons
- Boss Fights
- More room types

It was a totally adrenalinizing 48 hours with a of fun in between, so I’ll definitely be participating again next year.

Also don’t forget to try out God Hunter and let me know what you think! You can play it right now in your browser.

Now finally, time to get some sleep. zzz.